Посетите Писек - город в Южной Чехии (по-русски) Látogasson el Písekbe, Dél-Csehország egyik legszebb városába (Magyar) Apmeklējiet Pīseku – pilsētu Dienvidčehijā (Latvian) Visitez Písek - ville de Bohême du sud (français) Vizitu Písek Deutschčesky
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The Southern Bohemia town of Písek was founded on the River Otava by Czech kings in the 13th century. The town may be steeped in history, but Písek is a modern town. You will find high-quality hotels and restaurants here, interesting events are held all year round. The town has a wide range of sports facilities and venues for all sorts of meetings, seminars and the like.

The so-called Euro Promenade leads from the famous Stone Bridge, which is the oldest remaining bridge in the country, below the buildings that make up the well-known panorama of the town. They are dominated by the remaining wing of the former royal castle, which today houses the Prácheň Museum, and the renovated building of the Malt house. On the way, you can stop off to visit the former mill in which František Křižík installed the Municipal hydropower station.

Further on you will come to the reconstructed part of the Gothic moat, where you can order a picnic basket to be brought to you while you sit in the park between medieval walls. From there you can go on to the so-called Bakaláře, which houses and exhibition of artefacts dating from the Bronze Age up to the Middle Ages. The deanery church with its 70-metre tower - newly opened for visitors - dominates this part of the town.

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